13th Annual Forum – 2022

February 18-25, 2022

This year’s theme was “Japan-Canada Peace and Security Cooperation in the Asia/Indo-Pacific,” and it was hosted by the Keiko and Charles Belair Centre for East Asian Studies, Renison University College and the University of Waterloo, in cooperation with the Prince Takamado Japan Centre Teaching and Research, University of Alberta. In the light of an unprecedented Russian aggression against Ukraine, this year’s theme was more relevant than ever.

The conference has been very successful and offered a space for a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas between 20 students from Japan and Canada. All meetings were held online via Zoom and via Gather Town video conference platforms due to the COVID-19 restriction.

JACAC Final Report 2022

Download the Final Report of the 13th Annual JACAC Student Forum (PDF)

Alumni List

See a complete listing of student participants from the 2022 Forum.