2023 JACAC Student Forum Info

Upcoming Forum: February 21-March 1, 2023 Hosted by Josai International University


The theme of this year’s Student Forum is: “Canada and Japan: Towards 100 years of diplomatic relations”.

Unfortunately, the JACAC will be held for the last time in its current format in February 2023. For this final forum, we will be looking back at the history of relations between Canada and Japan, as well as looking forward to how the two countries can strengthen relations in the future. We have four academic sessions that will look at specific key themes such as societal changes, gender issues, aspects of volunteering and community involvement, and the environment. Each session will be composed of a lecture and a workshop where students will actively discuss and share ideas on these four broad themes. We are also pleased to offer a selection of cultural events, exchange activities and a tour of Tokyo.

Here are some of the issues and questions that participants will be reflecting upon during the forum.

  1. In an age when the difference between natural and anthropogenic disasters is not self-evident, how will our culture and aesthetics be transformed?
  2. What kind of relationship can we find between the geophysical environment and literary production in Japan?
  3. How would a disaster like 3/11 affect literary expression?
  4. What are some key landmarks in Canada-Japan relations over the last 100 years?
  5. What are similar and different societal challenges that Canada and Japan will face in the near future?
  6. What kinds of activities can people engage in to influence government and public policies?
  7. What are the challenges that hinder women and minorities’ political participation and representation in decision-making and governance?
  8. What can be done to help advance women’s political participation and representation, and achieve gender equality?
  9. What are common volunteer activities for students?
  10. What specifically did you do as a volunteer? How did the activity change your attitude towards others?


Before the start of the program and during the forum, participants will be working in groups and will be engaged in the following.

  1. Pre-course assignments to prepare for the academic sessions.
  2. Lectures and discussions
  3. Workshop activities
  4. Final group presentations at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo
  5. Cultural events and exchange activities
  6. Tokyo Tour
  7. Final individual report

This program is open to anyone with a general interest in this year’s topic. We welcome applications from students in all academic disciplines. Since all activities will be conducted in English, no prior knowledge of the Japanese language is necessary.


Josai International University, Chiba-ken, Japan

Schedule (Tentative)

2023/02/20MondayParticipants leave Canada
2023/02/22WednesdayCultural  events and exchange activities
2023/02/23ThursdayAcademic Sessions 1 and 2
2023/02/24FridayAcademic Sessions 3 and 4
2023/02/25SaturdayTransfer to Tokyo/ Tokyo Tour
2023/02/26SundayGroup work
2023/02/27MondaySpecial lecture by Matt Fraser, Counsellor, Government of Canada
Final Presentations and reception at the Embassy of Canada
2023/02/28TuesdayCultural activities & tours
2023/03/01WednesdayDepart Tokyo

Conditions for Selection of Participants

Undergraduate students or graduate students enrolled in the JACAC member institutions are eligible to apply, though the preference will be given to senior undergraduate students. Successful applicants should demonstrate a strong academic performance, interest and experiences in extra-curricular activities, and be a good team-player.

They must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Approximately 12 participants each from Japan and Canada will be selected. (* As a rule, we recommend one participant and one alternate from each JACAC member institution.)
  • Proficient enough in English to prepare materials, participate in discussions, and deliver presentations
  • Highly motivated students who possess a strong interest in the applicable year’s forum theme. Prior to the forum, participants should prepare themselves for fruitful discussion by researching on a specific topic of their interest relevant to the main theme
  • Be able to participate in all the planned activities of the forum
  • No withdrawal will be allowed after participants are selected. Students must fully understand the requirements and the details of the program before submitting their applications.
  • No extended stay in Japan beyond the duration of the forum is allowed.


Participation Fee: Free**

The Japan-Canada Student Forum will cover the costs for:
  • Transportation to Tokyo and return

Participants from Canada: Transportation expenses from the nearest international airport to Narita or Haneda Airport and transportation expenses from Haneda or Narita Airport to the nearest international airport to where they embarked. (Extra leg room seats and seat selection are not included. luggage fee is included in the airfare.)

Participants from Japan: Transportation expenses (express train) from/to home city and  Chiba(Tokyo)

  • Accommodation expenses in Chiba and Tokyo
Participants are responsible for the following expenses:
  • Meals
  • Local ground transportation expenses (home-airport return trip and Tokyo transits),
  • Incidental expenses at accommodation
  • Passport and Visa acquisition fees
  • Travel insurance

How to Apply

Canadian Students

Application deadline: Please check your own university’s schedule
Canadian students should submit the following to their own universities:

  • Complete application form
  • Original copy of academic transcript(s)
  • Statement of Intent; details include:
    • 500 words maximum
    • Please be sure to include the following points:
      • How will this program benefit you in your current academic program
      • Comment on any experience working in a team

Canadian Application Form (PDF)
Canadian Application Form (Word)

Japanese Students

Application Deadline: Please check your own university’s schedule (Application will start from the end of September)
Japanese Students should submit the following to their own universities

  • Complete application form
  • Original copy of academic transcript(s)

Japanese Application Form (PDF)
Japanese Application Form (Word)

Method of Selection

Review of documents by Japan-Canada Student Forum Committee


We thank all applicants for their interests; however, only those individuals selected for participation in the Forum will be contacted. The winners will be announced in late November by the Prince Takamado Japan Centre, University of Alberta.