2017 JACAC Student Forum Info

Upcoming Forum: February 19-25, 2017 Hosted by University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Location and Date
Conditions for Selection of Participants
How to Apply


The theme of this year’s Student Forum is: “Immigration Policies and National Borders: Integration and Exclusion”.

Immigration is one of the most significant issues that the world is currently facing. In Europe, the mass outmigration of Syrian refugees from their homeland caused the expansion of ISIS, which forced the world to think how to accommodate these refugees. In the United States, the issue of illegal immigrants became a focus of the Presidential candidates. In both Canada and Japan, immigrants played a significant role in maintaining their economic development. Historically, Canada accepts certain number of immigrants and refugees annually to maintain its population growth. In recent years, Japan too has relied largely on temporary workers to fill up the labour force created by the population decline. Despite the fact that both countries are in great demand, they remain very selective in terms of who can enter their territories. Immigrants’ economic, social, religious, and ideological backgrounds often affect the host nations’ border control. This forum examines the issues and challenges that both countries confront in accepting and integrating new immigrants.

We will work in groups to address issues and questions such as;

  1. Should Japan, Canada, and other developed countries open their doors to economic immigrants and refugees? What policies should each country adopt to keep a balance between economy and population increase by immigration? Should Japan and Canada take refugees from humanitarian standpoints? How should they cope with ideological and security issues that might threaten both countries?
  2. How could we promote peaceful co-existence with ethnic minorities? What is the best way to promote integration? What policies do we need to eliminate discrimination based on religion, race, and/or ethnicity?
  3. How should immigrants’ and refugees’ rights be protected in their new countries? Should the respective governments provide welfare, education, and other services to the newcomers?



With mixed-teams involving students from both Canadian and Japanese universities, the forum consists of the following:

  • Expert Lectures & discussions
  • Group work based on different topics
  • Pre-assignment to prepare for group work
  • Field trips around Vancouver
  • Final presentation
  • Reception with the Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver
  • Final individual report

This program is open to anyone with a general interest in the theme of “immigration policies”. We welcome applications from students in all academic disciplines. Since all activities will be conducted in English, no prior knowledge of the Japanese language is necessary.


Location and Date

Hosted by University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. The Forum will run from February 19-25, 2017. Students will be departing from Canada and Japan in order to arrive in Vancouver on February 18 (Saturday), and will depart the city on February 26 (Sunday). All travel plans to and from Vancouver will be arranged by the organizing committee of the Student Forum. Students are responsible for making the necessary arrangements for any missed classes, although letters of invitation to the Forum will be provided for any students who require one.


Schedule (Tentative)
February 18, 2016 Saturday Canadian and Japanese students arrive
February 19, 2016 Sunday Orientation, Reception
February 20, 2016 Monday Lectures, Field trip
February 21, 2016 Tuesday Lectures, Group work
February 22, 2016 Wednesday Lectures, Discussion, Group work
February 23, 2016 Thursday Group work
February 24, 2016 Friday Presentations, Closing Ceremony
February 25, 2016 Saturday Free day
February 26, 2016 Sunday Students depart


Conditions for Selection of Participants

Undergraduate students or graduate students enrolled in the JACAC member institutions are eligible to apply, though the preference will be given to senior undergraduate students. Successful applicants should demonstrate a strong academic performance, interest and experiences in extra-curricular activities, and be a good team-player. Approximately 14 participants each from Japan and Canada will be selected. (As a rule, we recommend one participant and one alternate from each JACAC member institution. Students with previous year’s academic score above JASSO GPA 2.0* will be prioritized.

They must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Be proficient enough in English to prepare materials, participate in discussions, and deliver presentations
  • Be highly motivated students who possess a strong interest in the applicable year’s forum theme. Prior to the forum, participants should prepare themselves for fruitful discussion by researching on a specific topic of their interest relevant to the main theme
  • Be able to participate in all the planned activities of the forum

No withdrawal will be allowed after participants are selected. Students must fully understand the requirements and the details of the program before submitting their applications. No extended stay in Vancouver is allowed.

How to Calculate GPA for JASSO



Participation Fee: Free**
**Students from Japanese universities are required to pay JPY80,000 for international airfare prior to the program. However, this amount will be balanced out from the scholarship which will be provided after the program (JPY80,000 per head).

The Japan-Canada Student Forum will cover the costs for:
  • Return Economy flights between the nearest airport and Vancouver
    (Extra leg room seats, seat selection, and luggage fees*** are not included.)
    ***As for students from Japan, luggage fee is included in the airfare.
  • Accommodation expenses in Vancouver
Participants are responsible for the following expenses:
  • Meals
  • Local transportation expenses
  • Ground transportation from/to the nearest airport and Vancouver International Airport
  • Incidental expenses at accommodation
  • Passport and Visa acquisition fees
  • Travel insurance


How to Apply
Canadian Students

Application deadline: Monday, October 10, 2016
Canadian students should submit the following to their own universities.

  • Complete application form
  • Original copy of academic transcript(s)
  • Statement of Intent; details include:
  • 500 words maximum
  • Please be sure to include the following points:
    • How will this program benefit you in your current academic program
    • Comment on any experience working in a team

Canadian Application Form (PDF)
Canadian Application Form (Word))

Japanese Students

Application Deadline: Please contact your home institution
Japanese Students should submit the following to their own universities

  • Complete application form
  • Original copy of academic transcript(s)
  • Other documents required by your own university (if any)

Japanese Application Form (PDF)
Japanese Application Form (Word)

Method of Selection

Review of documents by Japan-Canada Student Forum Committee



We thank all applicants for their interests; however, only those individuals selected for participation in the Forum will be contacted.